Bocatorito, Isla Cristobal

Map Bocatorito, Isla Cristobal

Bocatorito is an indian community in a cove on the south of Isla Cristobal. It is on the edge of a maze of mangrove islets which make up the lagoon.

Many dolphins play in the bay here at Dolphin Bay, often with their young. If you get there early on a calm morning, you will most likely encounter groups of dolphin frolicking in the calm waters of the bay.

The ngobe indians have their houses in two different parts of the village. One part has better houses and an excellent tourist restaurant managed by local indians. The other part over to the left of the restaurant is much poorer.

The community has around 150 inhabitants who live in 30 houses. Most of the houses are made of wood with palm leaves for the roof. They don't have electricity nor a health centre. Water comes from a creek and it is carried to the village by an aqueduct.

The primary school operates a multigrade system, with 2 classrooms, 2 teachers, and 35 students. Most of the villagers are fishermen, with some subsistence agriculture and cattle farming. Some handicrafts are made by village women to sell to tourists.

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