Bocas del Toro Beaches

Bocas del Toro Beaches  map

Boca del Drago Bluff Beach Paunch  Beach El Istmiti Beach Wizzard Beach Red Frog Beach Playa Larga Zapatillas Cays

The beaches are found on the western coasts, facing the open Caribbean. The sea can be rough, but there is excellent surfing for the advanced surfer .

The best beaches are : Bluff, in Isla Colon, Wizard Red Frog and Playa Larga on Bastimentos, and the beautiful beaches of Zapatillas Cays.

These beaches are also the nesting place of a number of species of marine turtles, which are now protected, but you can observe them at nesting time, pulling up onto the beaches and laying their eggs.

Bluff Beach - A long sandy beach on Isla Colon.

Boca del Drago - beautiful narrow beach on the main island of Colon. When the seas are calm, the snorkelling is good.

El Istmito - closest besch to Bocas del Toro town

Paunch Beach - between Bocas del Toro Town and Bluff Beach. More surfing than swimming

Playa Larga - Another lovely beach on Isla Bastimientos and if you camp out you may see the famous sea turtles nesting

Red Frog Beach - On Isla Bastimientos. This is perhaps Boca's most beautiful beach. Not safe for swimming.

Wizard Beach - a short walk from Bastimentos Town

Zapatillas - Beautiful white sand beaches lined with palms and away from it all. You'll need a boat frip to get here.

Warning: Many Bocas beaches have strong undertows and can be dangerous for swimming. Before you swim ask locally as to whether it is safe or not.


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