Fauna - the animals, birds and fishes of Bocas

Fauna - the animals, birds and fishes of Bocas

There is an enormous variety of animals in the area. Many of them are endangered species.

The San San-Boca del Drago wetland contains more than 130 bird species, 50 mammal species, and 50 reptile species.

The Islands tropical forests contain over 32 mammal species , with large populations of two-toed sloth and three toed-sloth. . Thirteen bat species live in the park, including the bulldog bat and jamaicencis bat. Bats are important to forest recovery as they disperse seeds of 95 % of the plants growing on deforested land. The Paca, white-throated Capuchin, night monkey, and striking anteater are also common in the forest areas. Among the amphibians, the presence of the red poisonous frog deserves a special mention. It is found in the leaf litter of the Park's evergreen forest. The area contains reptile species, and iguanas.

On the beaches, 4 species of marine turtles come to nest. They include the Pacific Green, the Loggerhead and the Hawksbill.

In the mangrove swamps it is common to see yellow warbler, yellow warbler manglera and american redstart.

28 species of reptiles and amphibians are to be found in the forests, mangrove areas, and coral reefs.

68 species of birds include the huge frigate birds, which have a wing span of over a metre, laughing gulls and spotted sandpiper, the unmistakable three-wattled bellbird and the beautiful band-tailed barbthroat. You will see flocks of red-lored amazon, and blue headed-parrot. At Swans Key it is possible to see the red billed tropicbird, a spectacular sea bird with unmistakable long white tail feathers trailing far behind it.

And in both the sheltered lagoon and off-shore into the Caribbean there are many species of fishes. Also there are the marine turtles that come to the Bocas beaches to nest.

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