Popa Island,Bocas del Toro

Popa Island, Bocas del Toro

Popa 1 Popa 2 Loma Partida Isla Tigre Punta Laurel

You can see from the map of Popa Island above that there are 5 indian communities on Popa Island - these are Popa 1, Popa 2, Isla Tigre, Loma Partida, and Punta Laurel.

Popa Island has been little touched by tourism. The ngobe indians villages are very poor, and depend almost exclusively on fishing plus some subsistence agriculture. They are happy to receive visitors and explain their way of life. Tourism is slowly being used as another way of augmenting income.

You can have lunch in the Popa 2 restaurant which is run by the local indian people, or to buy the beautiful ngobe handicrafts, especially their bags (mochilas or chacaras) made with a vegetable fibre called pita and painted with vegetable dyes.

Popa island it is the only forest on the archipelago where you will be able to observe toucans.

There is little in the way of tourist accommodation on the island.

A Popa Island residents tale


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