Sea Grass in Bocas del Toro

Sea Grass in Bocas del Toro

The sea grass ecosystems are present throughout the archipelago. The commonest is the call "turtle grass" because it is the food of the green marine turtles. Green turtles feed on offshore here on sea grass pastures. Sea Grass is found in the shallowest parts of the sea, near the coast, it resembles fields of grass that you could see on land.

Manatees and sea turtles feed on the same sea grasses. However, they target different parts of the grass, with manatees digging into sediment to eat the roots while turtles remain near the surface, grazing on the top of the grasses.

The Almirante lagoon with its many channels winding among the mangrove islets, has sandy shallows covered in meadows of sea grass (Thalassia testudinum).

If you snorkel among the sea grass you may think that there is only grass there, but various animals lurk among it. White urchins, sea cucumbers, sea biscuits, stars and sponges, are found here.

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