Ecosystems around Bocas del Toro

Ecosystems around Bocas del Toro

T he Bocas del Toro Archipelago offers an extensive biodiversity in its ecosystems. The islands forests that are being threatened by tourism development. Never the less there is much primary and secondary forests, especially in the Bastimentos island, Colon island and Solarte.

The island is mostly a tropical rainforest but is known for the mangroves on the southwestern side, the coral reefs and sand beaches along much of the coastline. Some land has been cleared for grazing but so far the forests appear to be safe from over-encroachment by residents and developers.

Beaches - The open west coasts tend to be surf, cliffs and sandy beaches. The sheltered east coast is mainly mangrove without any real beaches

Coral Reefs - Coral reefs have grown on both the sheltered lagoon coasts and on the exposed Caribbean coasts.

Fauna - An interesting collection of animals on land, in the sea and in the air, many of them endangered species.

Forests - both primary and secondary tropical forests are to be found in the area. Secondary is usually where the banana plantations have been abandoned.

Mangroves - There are mangroves on the western coasts of all of the islands - these are the sheltered lagoon coasts.

Sea Grass - The sea grass ecosystems are present throughout the archipelago.

Wetlands - The wetlands are a characteristic of the rain forests of the Archipelago, and have their own flora and fauna.


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